Carpentry subcontractor rates

How much should you pay a carpenter per hour?

How much does a carpenter charge per hour? Carpenters tend to charge anywhere from as low as $45/hr up to $80 /hr. The cost for you will vary depending on your location, the task, the materials required and the carpenter’s experience.

How much does a carpenter charge per hour in Australia?

The average cost of carpentry in Australia stands at $50 /hr, but prices change depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the job as well as the cost of materials. In general, prices range from as low as $45 /hr to as high as $60 or even $100+ per hour.

Where are the highest paid carpenters?

Best- Paying States for Carpenters The states and districts that pay Carpenters the highest mean salary are Hawaii ($73,070), Illinois ($66,280), Alaska ($66,240), New Jersey ($63,230), and New York ($62,880).

How much do carpenters charge UK?

According to the latest statistics from the ONS, a carpenter in the UK earns £11.97 per hour on a national average. A bricklayer’s hourly rate is an average of £12.83, whereas a joiner can expect to earn £11.75 per hour.

How much do I pay a handyman per hour?

Hiring a handyman typically costs $65 to $1,200, or $390 on average, using hourly or flat rate pricing. Expect to spend $60 to $125 per hour plus materials when quoted hourly rates.

What hourly rate should I charge as a contractor?

As the last answer said, you can easily expect $50 – $100 per hour for a contractor and $40 – $50 per hour for a helper if you can find one willing to work at that rate . be wary of anyone working hourly though because most that do will drag a job out to get the most money possible.

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What is the highest paid trade job in Australia?

Top 15 Highest Paid Trades in Australia Plumber – $110,000. Concreter – $107,500. Builder – $103,750. Flooring company tradesperson – $103,125. Carpenter – $102,424. Earthworks contractor – $94,167. Bricklayer – $92,500. Building designer – $91,111.

Does carpenters make good money?

The earning potential for qualified carpenters is strong. Some of the higher-level carpentry jobs are seriously well paid. In fact, you can earn well over $150,000 a year – depending on your job title and experience. The wages almost speak for themselves.

How much does a carpenter earn a week in Australia?

Carpenter and Joiner Salaries / Wages in 2018

Job Title Salary / Wage $
Experienced Carpenter 70,000 – 75,000
Apprentice Carpenter $525 – $1,050 per week
Maintenance Handyperson / Carpenter 70,000+
Carpenter and Joiner 63,000

Is carpentry a dying trade?

it is not a dying trade by any means. it is the original trade .

Is carpentry a stable job?

Given their versatility, carpenters are able to find employment in just about every sector of construction. Consequently, carpentry is one of the most secure professions within the construction industry. The average salary nation wide for carpenters is just under $45,000.

What’s the highest paid trade?

Highest-paying trade careers Licensed practical nurse. National average salary: $25.18 per hour. HVAC technician . National average salary: $23.25 per hour. Home inspector. National average salary: $52,066 per year. Plumber . Electrician . Landscape designer. Boilermaker . Respiratory therapist.

What is the going rate for a self employed carpenter?

Hourly pay at Self – Employed ranges from an average of AU$21.86 to AU$81.99 an hour. Self – Employed employees with the job title Carpenter make the most with an average hourly rate of AU$34.60, while employees with the title Carpenter make the least with an average hourly rate of AU$34.60.

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What’s the average day rate for a carpenter?

between 120/170

How much do masons charge per hour?

If seen hourly basis then they will charge you somewhere between $20 to $40 per hour .