Carpentry synonym

What is another word for carpentry?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms , antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for carpenter , like: craftsman, woodworker, artisan, mason, cabinetmaker, builder, laborer, worker, carpenter -ant, framer and joiner.

What does the word carpentry mean?

1 : the art or trade of a carpenter specifically : the art of shaping and assembling structural woodwork.

What is a master carpenter called?

Carpentry is a trade that requires a great deal of professional level skills. Carpenters provide advanced woodworking skills such as framing buildings and repairing structures constructed from wood. There are no certificates that designate you as a master carpenter .

What does flush mean in carpentry?

Flush . When two adjoining surfaces are joined perfectly flat to each other they are flush . Otherwise one is ‘proud’ and the other ‘shy’. Framing carpentry . Structural carpentry work like timber framed houses, walls, roofing and floor joists for example all fall under framing carpentry .

What is the opposite of a carpenter?

Noun. Opposite of a skilled manual worker who uses tools and machinery in a particular craft. apprentice. Find more words!

What does Artisan mean?

noun. a person skilled in a utilitarian art, trade, or craft, especially one requiring manual skill; a craftsperson. a person or company that makes a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods: our favorite local food artisans .

What are the types of carpentry?

Some of the different types of carpenter include: Rough carpenter: Framing, formwork, roofing and other structural work. Joister: Lays floor joists onto which a floor surface is fixed. Trim carpenter: Specialises in mouldings and trims, such as mantles, skirting boards), and other ornamental work.

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Why is it called carpentry?

The word “ carpenter ” is the English rendering of the Old French word carpentier (later, charpentier) which is derived from the Latin carpentarius [artifex], “(maker) of a carriage.” The Middle English and Scots word (in the sense of “builder”) was wright (from the Old English wryhta, cognate with work), which could be

Which country has the best carpenters?


Was Jesus actually a carpenter?

Now obviously, eventually Jesus’s chosen profession was of a “Rabbi” or teacher; so in that sense he wasn’t a carpenter regardless of translation. However, in his early years, it is supposed from Mark 6:2-3 that he was, like his step-father, a “ carpenter ” as commonly translated.

Is carpentry hard work?

Carpentry can be hard heavy work as it often involves lots of lifting and serious manual labor , so yes becoming and staying a carpenter can be very hard . Carpentry can be hard heavy work as it often involves lots of lifting and serious manual labor , so yes becoming and staying a carpenter can be very hard .

What is the difference between a carpenter and a master carpenter?

A master carpenter is a carpenter so technically the only difference is that the former description is more specific than the latter. The traditional hierarchy of skills goes from apprentice to journeyman to master . The apprentice knows enough to be useful but requires continuous supervision and instruction.

What does Plum mean?

The definition of plum is something that is highly-desired. An example of plum is a high-paying job that can be done at home; a plum job. adjective.

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What does a plumb wall mean?

straight up and down

What does it mean to be flush with something?

1. Lit. even with something ; sharing a surface with something . The edge of the sink is flush with the counter.