Noggin carpentry

What is a noggin in carpentry?

A nogging (or occasionally noggin ) is a strut used to give rigidity to a framework, typically fixed between joists or studs to their increase strength and stiffness. Noggings are commonly used to brace floors or to stiffen timber stud frames.

How far apart do you put noggins?

If the top plate does not line up with a joist, noggins should be fitted above the ceilings so that the top plate can be secured into something fairly solid – such noggins should be spaced about ever 2 metres.

Do stud walls need noggins?

Definitely need one or two rows of noggins with that spacing otherwise the wall won’t be rigid and plasterboard will sag/not be straight over time. More like 600mm centres.

How many rows does a noggin have?

Usually one row, central (so 1200mm in a 2400 wall), with a max spacing of 1350mm, so in a 2700 or greater wall you will get 2 rows (or more as reqd). Also, more may be added for such things as hand rails in a bathroom (often at 800mm) etc.

What is noggin slang for?

The definition of a noggin is an informal, slang term for the human head. An example of a noggin is what you bump when you accidently bang your head on the door frame of the car when you are getting in or out.

Are noggins needed?

Noggins help to straighten out wall studs and floor joists and they are also used to provide a strong fixing for something that will be later fixed to the structure. Bridging is needed in walls to carry the edges of plasterboard sheets so the joints are strong and don’t crack.

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Does my deck need noggins?

Most decks will not require the noggins , although it is advisable to always add a couple.

Do I need noggins in floor joists?

When constructing floors placing noggins will aid with additional weight and leveling issues. The rules surrounding when and where to place these noggins could be an issue, but don’t let that stop you!

Do flat roofs need noggins?

The noggins are very important to the roof they not only stop the joists twisting but also tie the two joists together adding a degree of rigidity. I would put at least one set of noggins across the roof but preferably two.

How far apart are wall studs?

24 inches

How far apart are studs in a load bearing wall?

16 inches apart

How much does it cost to have a stud wall build?

Professional Stud Partition Wall Installation Costs in 2020 On average , a quote between £100 – £150 per square metre is a reasonable rule of thumb. That equates to an “all in” quote of around £750 – £1,000 for the partition of a standard-sized bedroom.

How many noggins are in a pint?


What are noggins in construction?

In construction , a nogging or nogging piece (England, Australia), dwang (Scotland, Central and lower North Island, New Zealand and South Island, New Zealand), blocking (North America), noggin (Greater Auckland region North Island, New Zealand, Australia), or nogs (New Zealand, Australia) is a horizontal bracing piece

Does plasterboard need noggins?

Yes matey definitely needed to support the staggered ends of plasterboard sheets, otherwise you’d have nothing there to fix ’em to. Small point, it’s usual, although not essential, to use 9.5mm plasterboard for ceilings, they weigh less and therefore easier to put up.