Square carpentry

What is a square in carpentry?

Square , in measurement, device consisting of two straightedges set at right angles to each other. It is used by carpenters and machinists for checking the correctness of right angles, as a guide when drawing lines on materials before cutting, or for locating holes.

What is a framing square used for?

Also known as a steel square , the Johnson framing square is a handy tool for carpentry. Its uses extend into framing and laying rafters and stairs. It can also be used as a straight-edge, finding and establishing right angles and marking cut-off work on widestock.

Who invented the Carpenter Square?

Silas Hawes

What is the difference between a speed square and a framing square?

Stanley Speed Square tips The speed square is smaller than the framing square and so more portable (fits in your pouch). I bought the larger version of the two sizes available. When faced with two size options buying tools I tend to go for the larger.

Who makes the best framing square?

Our Top Suggested Best Framing Square Johnson Level, & Tool CS10 Carpenter Square. Starrett FS-24 Steel Professional Framing Square. VINCA SCLS-2416 Carpenter L Framing Square. Starrett RS-24 Steel L-Shaped Rafter/Framing Square. Empire Level e1190 Professional Framing Square. IRWIN Tools Framing Square, Hi-Contrast Aluminum.

What do all the numbers on a framing square mean?

The most important set of numbers on the framing square are the rafter tables. These are located on the face side of the body. The first four rows of numbers are the most important and the only ones I will cover here. Length of common rafters per foot run.

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How do you square a frame?

To form a square or rectangle frame both the plates (top and bottom) should be the same length, and all the studs or joists should be the same length as each other as well. Once nailed up, to check the structure is square simply measure from corner to corner.

What does hip Val mean?

Hip / Val indicates the rise in inches over a 17 inch run for hip or valley rafters from 1 inch to 30 inch.

What is the diamond on a speed square for?

Squaring Lines The Swanson Speed Square has a diamond cutout along the ruler that allows you to square lines and make sure they’re perfect. That diamond cutout can be used to make a notch, or a birdsmouth, for rafter work.

Are Swanson Tools Made in USA?

Swanson ® Tool Company. Made to last. Made in America. No more slivers while scribing lines into surfaces!

What is the best combination square?

Irwin Tools 1794468 #1 – Starrett 11H-12-4R 12-Inch Combination Square . #2 – PEC 7121-012 12-Inch Combination Square . #3 – iGaging 34-212-26 Combination Square Set. #4 – Empire E250 “True Blue” 12-Inch Combination Square . #5 – Irwin Tools 1794469 12″ Combination Square . #6 – Swanson Tool TC132 12″ Combo Square .

What size speed square should I get?

“The first square you buy should be a 12-inch speed square ,” says Tom Silva, This Old House general contractor. “It’s versatile and unbreakable. It gives you 45- and 90-degree angles, it’s also a ruler, and it’s not hard to measure other angles with it, too.”