What doors does the armor key open

What door does the shield key open?

It is one of four knight-themed keys you acquire, and opens just one door within the Spencer Mansion, namely the door leading to the Attic.

What doors does the sword key open?

There’s an engraving of a sword . A large gold key with a carving of a sword on one side, opens a few doors throughout the Mansion. This key opens the doors to the following locations: West Wing Inner Stairway (from the Dining Room 2F) Kitchen. ‘L’ Corridor. ‘C’ Corridor (from the Main Hall)

Where do you use the armor key in Resident Evil?

Use this key to open the doors to the following locations: Northern Corridor. Bar. Large Gallery. Deer Room. Armor Room. Pillar Room.

How do I get shield key?

The Shield Key can be found in the dining hall after obtaining the Gold Emblem and placing it above the fireplace. The grandfather clock in the room chimes and moves aside, revealing a secret compartment housing the Shield Key .

Can you kill the snake in Resident Evil?

Yawn is a giant snake inhabiting the attic of the Spencer Mansion. Bullets are precious in Resident Evil , and you can beat this beast without firing a shot. Defeating Yawn is a matter of timing and evasion, as there is no need to actually kill him if you play your cards right.

What do you do with the Wind Crest in Resident Evil?

There’s an icon depicting wind . One of four copper crests , this one is engraved with a symbol that represents wind . This crest is used on the large gravestones in the Small Headstone Area of the Courtyard 1F, use it to reveal the three other crests .

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Where do I use the old key in Resident Evil?

Old Key ( Resident Evil Remake) Outside Balcony. Fish Tank Room. Small Storeroom. Graveyard (from the Large Gallery) Outside Boiler.

Where is the sword key Resident Evil remake?

the Book of Curse

How do you get re1 armor key?

In the remake, Chris and Jill can find the Armor Key resting in a pedestal in a room guarded by a trap. If one of them pulls the key from the pedestal, a trap involving a suit of armor will activate and close in on them with rotating blades on a shield.

Where is the Armor Key?

The Armor Key is found in the hallway with suits of armor at each end– on the 3rd floor.

Where do you use the imitation of a key?

Purpose. The Imitation of a key is used in place of the Armor Key on an indentation, allowing the key to be taken without setting off a trap.

How do I get into plant 42 room?

Walking across the catwalk you’ll find a room you haven’t entered yet. Inside will be a part of Plant 42 . Use the V-Jolt. Now, return to Room 003 and enter Plant 42’s lair from the hidden bookcase door just beyond.

How do you kill plant 42?

When Plant 42 takes about 7 or so shots (with the Assault shotgun as an example) it will start to wither via a cut-scene. After this the game switch back and you have to pump about five more shots to kill it. Using the V-jolt has you starting the fight right after the withering cut-scene.

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Where is the yellow gem in Resident Evil 1?

the Spencer Mansion