You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off

Who said you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off?


What did Michael Caine say in The Italian Job?

In The Italian Job Charlie Croker – the gang leader played by Michael Caine – issues his famous final words in one of Hollywood’s true cliffhangers as the credits roll: “Hang on a minute, lads. I’ve got a great idea.”

Why did The Italian Job end like that?

The famous cliff-hanger ending to The Italian Job was supposed to be resolved in a sequel that was never filmed, despite the opening sequence having been written and approved by the studio, according to its producer.

Was The Italian Job real?

The real life Italian job took place in Poggio Bagnoli, a small village in Tuscany, a short drive from the home of rock star Sting and in the Chianti area which is popular with British holidaymakers.

Where is the Italian job set?


How old is Michael Caine?

87 years (March 14, 1933)

Is there an Italian Job 2?

While The Italian Job was a hit, given the amount of time that’s passed since its release it’s now very unlikely a sequel will happen. Wahlberg, Theron, and Statham have all moved on to bigger projects and a remake is more likely at this point than a direct follow-up.

What type of mini was used in The Italian Job?

32 MINI Coopers were used throughout the shooting.

How old was Michael Caine in The Italian Job?

IMDb Rating: 7.3

Actor Age then Age now
Mark Wahlberg -2 49
Michael Caine 36 87
Charlize Theron -6 45
Noel Coward Unknown
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Did they destroy real cars in the Italian Job?

In 1969, a film called The Italian Job was shown in theaters. If you’re a fan of Italian cars , it had one of the greatest opening sequences in cinematic history. Thankfully, the car wasn’t really destroyed . The filmmakers weren’t daft enough to destroy an actual Miura.

How much gold was stolen in the Italian Job?

John Bridger, a professional safecracker, has assembled a team to steal 35 million dollars worth of gold bullion from a safe in Venice, held by Italian gangsters who had stolen it weeks earlier.

Who is the bad guy in The Italian Job?

Steven “Steve” Frazelli

What cars were used in the original Italian Job?

CARS: 1967 Austin Mini Cooper S . 1962 Aston Martin DB4 . 1964 Bedford bus, 1963. Alfa Romeo Giulia TI . 1967 Fiat 124 coupe . 1950 Moto Guzzi Falcone. 1959 Ford Thames van. 1967 Lamborghini Miura .

How many cars were destroyed in the Italian Job?

The fourteen Minis used for filming were all destroyed in 1968, but many replicas have been made.

What cars were destroyed in the Italian Job?

Every day there was a story, my worst memory would be with the Aston Martin though. We were up a mountain and had to film the three cars being wrecked and thrown over the cliff. So, the Aston Martin was supposed to be thrown over and explode as it went down.