Crane plumbing toilet tank 3742

Are Crane toilet tanks interchangeable?

Keep in mind that you can’t use another brand tank on your Crane bowl . It must be a Crane Galaxy tank . They should be available at most plumbing wholesale distributors.

Does crane still make toilets?

Since Crane Plumbing was acquired by American Standard Brands, it can be difficult to find repair or replacement parts for these toilets .

Is Crane Plumbing still in business?

The Crane Copper Tube factory in Penrith ceased manufacturing and domestic trading at the end of 2014 and is transitioning out of export trading. Plumbing Connection looks back over the history of a company long associated with manufacturing innovation in Australia.

Where is the model number on a Crane toilet tank?

Where can I find the model number of my toilet ? Carefully remove your tank lid, and place it gently on the floor. You’ll notice a four-digit number located on the back of the tank , near the water level mark. This is your tank model number .

Is Crane a good toilet?

In 2008, Crane merged with Eljer and American Standard to create American Standard Brands but still manufactures toilets still under the Crane Plumbing brand. Typically Crane toilets provide reliable and efficient operation, but sometimes problems with flushing and leaks can occur.

Are Kohler toilet tanks interchangeable?

It is unlikely that tanks will be interchangeable if you replace a toilet tank with one from a different manufacturer. Problems with mismatched tanks and bowls include hardware not lining up and poor balance on the bowl. Even if the bolts line up, the new tank may leak or be wobbly.

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Are 1 or 2 piece toilets better?

Performance-wise, there is no difference between the one – piece and two- piece toilets . They can have the same flushing power and efficiency. The interior parts are almost identical if they are from the same manufacturer. They may even have the same features and specifications.

How many years does a toilet last?

50 years

Can I replace toilet tank only?

Replacing a toilet tank is a task most homeowners can do without a call to the plumber. Because the tanks and bowls may be sold separately, you can often buy just the tank . Drain the water from the bowl and the tank by flushing the toilet .

When did Crane Plumbing merge with American Standard?

February 2008

Did American standards buy cranes?

American Standard Brands was formed in February 2008 from the merger of three companies: American Standard Americas, Crane Plumbing, and Eljer. In 2013, American Standard was purchased by the LIXIL Corporation, a global building products firm.

Where are Crane toilets made?

Crane Plumbing Corporation is a Canadian manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba , in 1906, and later moved to Montreal, Quebec.

How do I stop my toilet seat from moving side to side?

Put the flat-head screwdriver in the screw slot and hold it steady while you unscrew the nut from underneath the bowl. If the nut is plastic, you should be able to do this by hand. If it’s metal, or it’s simply too tight to turn, use adjustable pliers to turn it. Remove the nut and bolt and take the seat off the bowl.

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How do I know what model my Kohler toilet is?

The model number is located inside the tank, either molded into the china or stamped with blue or black ink. The model number consists of four or five digits and may include a K prefix. In some cases, the model number is preceded by 97 or F.

Are tank to bowl gaskets universal?

The purpose of the tank to bowl gasket is to provide a leak free seal between the toilet tank and bowl . Manufactured in a high quality, chlorine resistant rubber, the Korky tank to bowl gaskets are universal to fit most toilet tanks . All kits are offered with and without tank to bowl hardware.